Since 1989, the Gloucester Concordes Speed Skating Club has nutured many world class speed skaters, but most join just to have fun!

Club Constitution

Gloucester Concordes Reorganize Using LTPAD as a Guide

Code of Conduct

The Gloucester Concordes Speed Skating Club offers a wide variety of programs that will appeal to the young & old, and the novice or experienced skater. If you are new to the sport, or are seeking a challenge to improve your Personal Best time, one of the programs below is sure to meet your expectations.

Programs / Groups

The Gloucester Concordes offers four main programs or groups for different levels and age groups. The groups are:

  • Group 1 (Skates, but new to speed skating),
  • Group 2 (Basic speed skating skills),
  • Group 3 (Intermediate),
  • Group 4 (Advanced) and
  • Group 5 (Adult/Masters).