• Responsibilities for the Go To Parent / Guardian:

    • Identify yourself to the lead coach for the practice
    • Assist with rink door as needed
    • Do not let skaters re-enter ice while drills/laps are in progress, wait for a Coach to escort the skater or give the okay
    • Locate parents of skaters needing assistance with skates, equipment, etc., or who are injured
    • Assist with first aid requirements such as band-aids, etc., as needed
    • Locate parents of skaters (in the stands) that need to use the washroom, do not escort skaters to dressing room or washroom yourself
    • Remain near the ice surface (inside the arena, not behind doors) at all times during the practice, you may sit in the stands but when on duty, you are asked to be watching the practice at all times so that you can assist immediately when required.
    • In case of emergency, follow the coaches’ instructions to call 911, etc., as needed.  The Emergency Action Plan is pinned to the wall in the office


  • Group 3 and 4 Additional Duties:

    • Assist with ensuring the water buckets are filled prior to practice and that equipment such as squeegees and track markers are ready to go on the ice
    • Ensure that the mini-mats are ready to go on the ice
    • Recruit other parents/guardians to assist you as required

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