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2020 - 2021

Fee Schedule - Grille tarifaire


Registering as a member of the GCSSC means that you are accepting the below policies and that you agree to adhere to these policies.

Rental Equipment

A damage deposit of $200 is required for equipment rental (post dated cheque for April 1, 2021). Equipment will be inspected by the equipment manager upon return by the skater. If conditions of the signed agreement are not met the damage deposit will be cashed by the club.  More information can be found on the rental agreement form.

Late Registrations

Non-returning members joining late shall pay the Club membership and rental fees pro-rated from the first day of the month in which they joined the club. OSSA fees shall be paid in full.

Family Discount

First two participants of a family pay full price. (Applies to the two highest fees). Third & subsequent participants pay discounted fee (50% discount, does not apply to OSSA fees which are mandatory or to skate rental fees).  Family discounts are only applicable to immediate family members in the same house.

NSF Cheques

Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) cheques will result in a $25 administration fee payable to the GCSSC.

Late Payments

Adherence to the payment schedule for all fees is expected, late payments will result in a $25

administration fee payable to the GCSSC (unless an extenuating circumstances arrangement has been previously discussed with the Treasurer).  Late payments may result in suspension from ice sessions until such time the issue is rectified.


Registered members who withdraw from the Club within 30 days after the start of the Program shall be refunded all fees paid, $75 administration fee.

No refunds will be issued after 30 days after the program starts. If the facility is closed due to COVID-19 a credit will be issued to your account.

No part of the OSSA/SSC fee in refundable.


As an affiliated club, the GCSSC collects the OSSA and SSC fees and pays them directly to OSSA for each member as per the categories below.

OSSA/SSC Membership Fees Collected by GCSSC for the 2020-21 Season (included in the total skating fees)

For this 2020-21 Season, all skating members will be registered at the Recreational Skater level $55

This type of member is a skater who does not compete in sanctioned competition. Includes SSC membership fees of $21.00

As competitions resume later in the season, the Membership fee will have to be upgraded to the appropriate level

Elite Skater $170 ($115 Upgrade) 

This type of member is a skater who competes in International and/or Domestic sanctioned competitions including SSC National Championships, Age Class, Junior, Senior, Qualifiers, Canada Cups, North Americans, Canada Winter Games and selection events in Canada.  Includes SSC fees of $63.00  

Provincial Elite Skater  $135 ($80 Upgrade)

This type of member is a skater who competes in any SSC or Branch sanctioned provincial elite level competition.  Includes SSC membership fees of $42.00  

Provincial Competitive Skater  $110 ($55 Upgrade)

This membership allow skaters to participate in sanctioned regional competitions within the Province of Ontario. Includes SSC membership fees of $21.00

Recreational Skater $55

This type of member is a skater who does not compete in sanctioned competition. Includes SSC membership fees of $20.00

Associate Member  $35

This type of member contributes as a coach, official, volunteer or is a parent who does not participate as a skating member.  Includes SSC fees of $6.50  

Out of Province Skaters  $80

Skaters who are training out of the province at one of Canada’s national training centres are must register as Elite skaters with their Clubs but are only required to pay SSC’s membership fees and a reduced OSSA fee. Includes SSC membership fees of $63.00  

Membership fees include Speed Skating Canada membership fees, insurance fees and all applicable taxes.  Memberships expire on August 31 of each year.

IMPORTANT: Insurance coverage does not extend to speed skating events (camps or competitions) sanctioned or otherwise, outside of Canada. Members travelling to skate outside of Canada should ensure they have personal travel insurance including sport participation coverage.

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