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I hereby authorize emergency medical or surgical treatment for myself and/or my daughter/son/ward if such treatment is required while I or my daughter/son/ward is participating in the Gloucester Concordes Speed Skating ClubOntario Speed Skating Association (OSSA) or Speed Skating Canada (SSC) activities. I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and assign, waive and release any damages I may have against the Gloucester Concordes Speed Skating Club Inc. and the City of Ottawa or their agents.  Additionaly, Waiver forms must be completed and signed by all members including associate members, coaches, skaters, etc.  Click on the following links to download a copy of the form to be completed:

Waiver Form for those UNDER 18 YRS Old

Waiver Form for those OVER 18 YRS Old

Any photos taken while participating in these activities may be used by the club at its discretion without written permission.

Parents are expected to be in the arena and be responsible for the behaviour of their children while they are at practice and during competitions.

Skaters and Parents are expected to treat coaches, officials, volunteers and other skaters with respect, both on and off the ice. Coaches are expected to treat skaters, officials and volunteers with respect, both on and off the ice. Read the full Code of Conduct.

Refund Policy

Registered members who withdraw from the Club on or before October 1st, 2019 shall be refunded all fees paid, less a $50 administration fee.

No refunds will be issued after October 1st, 2019.

Privacy Policy

In the interest of safety during on-ice sessions, we require Emergency Contact (under 'Parent') and relevant Health information for all skaters. This information will help club coaches and arena staff to deal with the unlikely event of injuries or illness. Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program and the Red Cross recommend amateur sport organizations and clubs collect this information.

 Rental Policy

The GCSSC Skate Rental Program is a volunteer service provided by the club to help skaters get started at a reasonable cost.

Once the skater is advanced enough to use intermediate or top-of-the-line equipment, they should consider purchasing their own skates, either new or second-hand.

  • There may be limitations on the range of sizes, skate quality and services the club can provide.
  • Renters must be a Club member in good standing.
  • Skate rental fees must be paid in full before removing skates from the Club.
  • Skaters must care for the skates (cleaning, laces, drying the blades, sharpening by knowledgeable personnel - ask a club representative for details, etc.) according to generally accepted procedures prescribed by the Club.
  • Skaters must accept responsibility for any loss or damage beyond normal wear and pay for such damage.
  • GCSSC reserves the right to ask for the temporary return of skates at any time. This includes Club activities such as Outreach Clinics. Skates will be returned at the end of the activity.
  • The fees stated on this form are subject to revision each season.
  • A cheque for a refundable security deposit in the amount of $200, dated 1 April 2020, must be provided for each pair of skates rented. This cheque will be given back to you upon return of the skates in good condition at the end of the season; it will be cashed in after 1 April 2020 otherwise.
  • All skates must be returned, in good condition, at the end of the season (April) for inventory purposes.

IMPORTANT: All skaters must use Rigid Skate Guards for walking to/from the ice. Use Blade Soakers for transport and storage of the blades. (Avoid rust!)

Concussion Policy (more info HERE)

Below are the Ministry Approved Concussion Resources that must be reviewed:

Concussion Awareness Resources Ages 10 and under

Concussion Awareness Resources Ages 11 to 14  

Concussion Awareness Resources Ages 15 and up

All clubs and members are to review and abide by these Codes of Conduct:

Ontario Speed Skating Concussion Code of Conduct – Athletes

Ontario Speed Skating Concussion Code of Conduct – Coaches

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